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Tikka T3 / T3x Bolt Shroud - TITANIUM - black

Brand: Lumley Arms
Product Code: T3SHROUD-Titanium-Black
Availability: In Stock

Tikka T3 / T3x Bolt Shroud (black color)

CNC machined from high-grade aerospace Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V


Why grade 5 titanium alloy? ... At under an ounce (only 25 grams), our shrouds are close to half the weight of comparable steel shrouds, yet significantly harder than the best aluminum alloy shrouds on the market. Grade 5 titanium either matches or outperforms the tensile strength and hardness of high-grade steel and has exceptional corrosion resistance. The bolt shroud on the Tikka T3 is not just decorative, it is designed to protect the shooter's face in the rare event of a cartridge rupture or failure, where hot gas and powder debris can travel back through the bolt body (usually via the firing pin hole). 

This version of the shroud is designed to match the receiver colour of factory blued / phosphated Tikka rifles. After machining, the shrouds are black cerakoted.

We designed the shroud to have a twin-taper and also cut in a very fine diamond checkering pattern on top of the body to mimic the style of the shrouds seen on the bolts of the more expensive Sako 75, Sako Quad etc. These shrouds represent excellent value given the level of finish of our design, and additional expense and extra time involved working with this difficult-to-machine material.


  • All shrouds come with a small coil spring which is optional to install. The spring is designed to take up the slack of a necessary tolerance designed into the shroud to ensure proper function of your firing pin assembly. The spring needs to be cut in half before being installed. Installing the spring can remedy any minor noise made by the shroud in this dimension when out hunting. The factory plastic shrouds (and several other aftermarket shrouds) also have this same amount of movement, however being plastic it isn't as noticeable with the factory shroud.
  • Please refer to installation instruction located HERE


  • CNC Machined from high grade aerospace titanium alloy
  • Polished then glass bead blasted to a satin finish
  • Diamond pattern cut onto the top of the shroud body
  • Also available without cerakote to match the silver color of factory stainless rifles

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