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CZ 452 - barrel tuner

  • Brand: Lowey Products
  • Product Code: LOWEY-BT-CZ452-FAREWELL
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $179.00

Barrel Tuner

CZ 452

Barrel tuners are becoming increasingly more popular within the shooting fraternity. They are designed to assist 'tune' your rifle/barrel to achieve greater accuracy, allowing you to shoot smaller & tighter groups. We import the 'small' barrel tuners from Lowey Products of South Australia which have been bored to suit the CZ 452 'Farewell Edition' (without a threaded muzzle) with the barrel profile for the first 1.5" tapering from 0.565" to 0.587" (14.35mm to 14.90mm).


  • The body of the barrel tuner is made of aluminum
  • The adjustable weight is stainless steel
  • The adjustable weight is engraved with a measurement scale for precise setting
  • The adjustable weight has a smooth action and is held securely in place by two high quality o’rings
  • The extension out the front of the tuner allows for a dovetail to be cut for sight fitting (milling required).
  • Available in natural stainless steel color only.
  • Full fitting instructions included

Customization to fit any barrel

Lowey Products barrel tuners will fit just about any barrel ranging from an OD of 0.472" (12mm) to 1.015" (25.8mm). If you would like a tuner to suit a specific barrel profile, please contact us with dimensions as we can add this to our next shipment from Australia. The typical lead time for a custom tuner bored to suit your barrel specifications to be available in the USA ranges from 8 to 12 weeks. We need four barrel outside diameter dimensions for customization, as follows:

  • at the muzzle
  • 0.5" (12.7mm) back from the muzzle
  • 1" (25.4mm) back from the muzzle
  • 1.5" (38.1mm) back from the muzzle

The Lowey Products website has details on the range of other materials and designs available including those options made from carbon fiber. The two barrel tuner sizes are defined below:

  • Small Tuner: 0.472" to 0.750" (12mm to 19mm)
  • Large Tuner: 0.750" to 1.015" (19mm to 25.8mm)

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