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Tikka T3 / T3x / T1x - carbon fiber sporter stock

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Tikka Featherweight - Generation 3

Precision Defence Industries (Bolly Aviation) carbon fiber stocks are the lightest and stiffest in their class.

Read the full review of this stock fitted to a custom ultralight T3 build from the April 2021 edition of Australian Shooter (reprinted by permission of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia)

Manufactured in South Australia by Bolly Aviation, the Gen3 Tikka Featherweight rifle stock is a modified sporter stock with a focus on keeping the stock slim and trim yet still comfortable under heavy recoil. Featuring the hallmark of Bolly's gen3 series, a drop in fit inlet and carbon fiber bedding. The inlet and barrel channel are molded in for the ultimate in rigidity, further strengthened by having the recoil lug made from carbon fiber and integral to the stock. The stock has been designed and built based on the team's experiences in Australia; packrafting, backpack hunting through river valleys, and stalking through thick bush as well as in New Zealand in red deer country. For the ultimate in performance pair this stock with a short (18”-22”) Proof carbon sendero light barrel. Exceptional performance has also been achieved from factory tikka barrels and if you have the fluted light barrelled-action from a T3x superlite, installing it in our stock will make it a true featherweight. All Bolly stocks are produced on the same production line and to the same standard as Bolly Aviation carbon fiber propellers.

The Gen3 tikka featherweight comes standard as a drop in fit for Tikka T3, T3x, and T1x actions. The barrel channel is sized to have up to a Proof Research carbon fibre wrapped sendero light installed and still fit in this stock (so that includes CTR profiles for example). A recoil lug is not required as a carbon one is integral to the carbon bedding surface. Carbon pillars are standard and accept both standard Tikka as well as Lumley Arms action screws. The Trigger guard inlet fits the factory plastic DBM as well as the Lumley Arms factory magazine DBM. Recoil pad is an Airtech limbsaver as standard as in our experience this is the highest performing lightweight recoil pad on the market. However it is less durable than the classic Limbsaver so care must be taken to store your firearm with the recoil pad uncompressed. Both left-handed and right-handed inlets are available. 2 x flush cups are installed as standard on the opposing side to the bolt notch, one in the forend and the other in the buttstock. For bipod installation Bolly installs a B&T Industries BT34 2.05″ picatinny rail on the forend as standard, this allows for keeping the rifle as slim as possible for moving it in and out of packrafts or your pack.

The team at Bolly have tested these stocks extensively and believe the carbon bedding system is unparalleled when it comes to durability and performance, it is expected accuracy will be the equivalent or better than a properly devcon bedded stock, without requiring the extra weight from the bedding compound. If you are comparing our stocks to others, please remember to compare finished, bedded weight.

Material Advantages:

  • Superior rifle performance over factory plastic stock while reducing weight and felt recoil
  • Carbon fiber bedding system for a true drop in fit with exceptional accuracy
  • Stocks are filled, not hollow. Advanced core materials manage both torque and recoil to improve rifle performance and reduce loads on the shooter
  • High-density composite structure in action area transfers torque to skins and impulse loads to buttstock and forend
  • Low-density honeycomb in the forend and buttstock absorb recoil
  • Carbon skin mitigates torque
  • Carbon fiber dramatically reduces weight while increasing stock rigidity, critical for precision
  • Full Ruff-Tuff Coat is grippy yet comfortably to the cheek and hard wearing

Stock Design Advantages:

  • Minimal ambidextrous palm swell is ergonomic for both Right and Left-hand shooters without being bulky
  • Raised non-adjustable comb reduces weight while being high enough for comfortable use with 50mm objective scopes
  • Narrow sporter forend for superior off hand shooting
  • Airtech recoil pad provides industry leading recoil absorption for minimal weight
  • Molded-in barrel channel for increased rigidity
  • Extended and blended grip to dramatically increase strength and reduce weight over a sharp edged traditional grip


  • Tikka featherweight stock weight approx 1.5lbs (680 grams)
  • Please be aware your stock has a unique carbon fibre bedding block and Bolly recommends against any further bedding process
  • Standard LOP with recoil pad 14″


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