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Tikka and Sako - extractor and ejector kits

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: T3-BOLTPARTS
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $45.00

Available Options

Tikka T3, T3x, 558, 590, 595, 658, 690, and 695

Sako A7, 75, 85, 491, and 591

Extractor and Ejector kits - see specific model compatibility listed below.

This is a higher quality and lower cost alternative to the factory 'bolt spare parts' kit. There are six separate components to this kit and they are also available as 'ejector only kits' and 'extractor only kits' - see product options. Our ejector, extractor and extractor plunger are CNC machined from tool grade stainless steel, which has been furnace hardened to HRC 35 (322 brinell) then finished with a TiN PVD coating (gold color). The roll pin retaining the ejector is stainless steel, and the ejector spring and extractor spring are both zinc-plated spring steel. This kit is significantly tougher than the factory original and can be used to replace damaged components from cartridge case failures or from just general wear and tear. It is relatively easy to replace these components within a few minutes with basic hand tools when on an expedition or out in the field somewhere without workshop access. The kit can also be used for converting bolts utilizing a circlip extractor to a Sako style extractor system (gunsmith fitting required).


  • the 'complete kit' and 'ejector kit' will only fit the Sako A7 and Tikka T3 / T3x
  • the 'extractor kit' fits the Tikka T3 / T3x, 558, 590, 595, 658, 690 and 695 as well as Sako models A7, 75, 85, 491, and 591
  • the 'extractor kit' can be used to convert bolts of other brands to a sako style extractor system, such as the remington 700 with its riveted-in circlip extractor (gunsmithing required)
  • the 'ejector kit' can be used to convert your Tikka or Sako bolt face to dual ejectors, to change the ejection angle of spent cases and/or increase ejection force (gunsmithing required)
  • the kit fits rifles chambered in all factory cartridges produced
  • tools required are a small pin punch and small gunsmith's hammer, magnetic parts dish optional
  • ensure the firing pin assembly has been removed from the bolt prior to driving out the ejector roll pin
  • care needs to be taken not to lose these small components when under spring pressure (try assembling within the confines of a large plastic bag)

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