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Bolt Knob (Tactical Glass Breaker) - anodized aluminum alloy

  • Brand: BoltKnobs.Com
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Tactical Bolt Knob - Glass Breaker

7075-T76 aluminum alloy with a removable end cap and tungsten carbide tip

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA - see our website

This is a variation of our tactical bolt knob for the operator who wants to have their rifle bolt double as a glass breaking hammer. With many jurisdictions requiring the bolt to be transported separately from the rifle, this makes a handy backup tool for those unforeseen situations or otherwise for helping your buddy liberate his keys from within his locked car. Suitable for most bolt action rifle platforms with a one piece bolt or where the handle is welded on, slotted in, or screw fastened (we don't recommend the use on handles which have been brazed onto the bolt body). Like our anodized alloy tactical knob, the design is made from the best T76 temper for the base and cap of the knob which is then mil-spec hard coat anodized (type 3) for durability. The glass breaking tip is tungsten carbide which is secured by an A2 stainless steel nut which has been DLC coated black. The threads are 5/16" x 24 TPI and 3/4" (19.05mm) deep so it will shoulder up against every type of handle we've come across.  We have milled 21 small ballnose flutes onto the knob cap to provide a tactile grip for rapid removal in all conditions. The design of the knob base incorporates a set screw enabling the knob to be secured tightly on the bolt handle (optional).


Material: 7075-T76 body, tungsten carbide tip, stainless steel retaining nut

Finish: matte black alloy parts (hard anodized), DLC coated retaining nut

Weight: 1.57oz (38.2 grams)

Dimensions: 1.35" (40mm) in length, 1" (25.4mm) wide at top, and 0.45" (11.5mm) wide at base

Thread: 5/16" x 24 TPI (5/16 UNF) - fits most American bolt handles with a threaded end

Thread length: 3/4" (19.05mm)

Hardness (alloy knob): 150 Brinell

Hardness (tungsten carbide tip): 2600 Vickers minimum

Environmental: chemically stable, UV stable, solvent resistant and corrosion resistant

Fitting Guide

Our glass breaking bolt knob will fit any bolt handle with a male 5/16" x 24 TPI thread and a threaded stem up to 3/4" (19.05mm) in length (measure to the handle's shoulder). The set screw ('grub screw') pre-installed into the lower end of the knob is optional however we highly recommend that this is retained and fastened tightly once the knob is installed to the bolt handle. Tightening this grub screw enables reliable removal of the end cap and access to the carbide tip in all conditions, keeping in mind that the use of this glass-breaking knob may be in situations requiring rapid removal and/or under duress. A 2mm metrix hex key is required to tighten (and untighten) this metric grub screw. Should you have difficulty installing the knob, check to make sure the grub screw is wound out sufficiently to clear the bolt handle threads before tightening.

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Tags: alloy bolt knob, tactical bolt knob, glass breaker bolt knob, tungsten carbide bolt knob

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