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Savage - bolt lift kit (pre-2019 rifles)

  • Brand: BoltKnobs.Com
  • Product Code: SAV-BLIFT-OLD
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $37.50

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Bolt lift kit (pre-2019 models), includes a titanium BAS

For short and long action Savage models including the 10, 110, 11, 111, 12, 14, 114, 16, 116, and the Stevens 200.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA - see our website

This is our version of the Savage bolt lift kit for pre-2019 models with the older style 1-piece firing pin spring and where the cocking indicator doesn't protrude through the BAS (Bolt Assembly Screw). We also produce a replacement titanium BAS for rifles made from 2019 onward with the newer three piece firing pin spring linked here. Available in either grey or black color, reduce your bolt lift weight by reducing the bearing surface between the BAS and cocking piece sleeve (which cocks the firing pin assembly). Our kit differs to others by using the best materials and coatings available achieving a high hardness and corrosion resistance coupled with weight reduction. These are very competitively priced and offer a lifetime of hard use in all environments. When combined with our titanium bolt handles (left or right) and titanium bolt bodies, substantial savings in weight can be achieved - see the comparison pictured in the image gallery.


  • BAS (Grey color) - Ti6Al4V titanium alloy with a glass bead blasted finish
  • BAS (Black color) - Ti6Al4V titanium alloy with an 'as machined' finish and a DLC coating (PVD)
  • Set Screw - 17-4 stainless steel furnace hardened to 30 HRC then TiN coated (PVD)
  • Disc - 17-4 stainless steel furnace hardened to 30 HRC then TiN coated (PVD)
  • The length of the BAS has been dimensioned to accommodate both the set screw and disc to remove pressure on the firing pin assembly.


  • Weight = 0.57oz (16.2 grams)
  • BAS hex socket = 1/4" hex key
  • Set Screw hex socket = 1/8" hex key


  • 1 x BAS (grey or black color)
  • 1 x Set Screw
  • 1 x Disc

Fitting Guide

Minimum tools required are 1/4" and 1/8" hex keys. Please refer to the image gallery for the exploded diagrams of where these components fit within the bolt assembly, if in doubt we recommend having a gunsmith fit the kit. Holding the bolt firmly with the BAS facing upwards in a padded vice is the easiest method. Be aware of the spring pressure before unscrewing the BAS. We recommend applying a small amount of bolt-lug grease or similar viscosity grease to the BAS threads prior to installation and decocking the bolt first then recocking following reassembly. We supply the kit with the set screw installed into the BAS in the recommended position however it can be adjusted by using a 1/8" hex key, including after the bolt is fully assembled and inserted into the rifle.


Savage models that have the 'new' style trigger safety assembly may have some contact between the BAS screw and the top of the safety when cycling the bolt quickly. This problem occurs with the original Savage supplied BAS screw and is not any issue specific to our design. Our design has the exact same outside diameter as the original Savage BAS screw. The issue is caused by the serrations of the 'new' style safety sitting higher than the 'old' style (too high). The second last image in the photo gallery highlights the differences between the two designs. Customers with the 'old' style will not experience any issues. The problem can be corrected within 5 minutes by either of the two solutions outlined below (with the first solution shown in the last image of the photo gallery. We have already accounted for this necessary clearance in the design of our bolt handles - these do not require modification.

  1. Tightening the BAS then marking the underside diameter that engages the safety, then removing the BAS and filing approximately 0.02" to 0.04" (0.5mm to 1mm) of material off, or
  2. Reducing the height of the 'new' style safety serrations by grinding the same amount of material off using a dremel or similar die grinding tool

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