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Savage - titanium recoil lug (AccuStock & AccuFit compatible)

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: SAV-RECOIL-LUG
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $39.00

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Titanium recoil lug - AccuStock and AccuFit compatible

For short and long action Savage models including the 10, 110, 11, 111, 12, 14, 114, 16, 116, and the Stevens 200

Simply put - our titanium lugs are flatter, thicker and stiffer. Even with Savage's floating bolt head design and 3D bedding system, our lugs maximize the accuracy potential of these inherently accurate actions whilst also achieving a 50% reduction in weight compared to the factory steel lug. CNC machined from Ti6Al4V aerospace titanium alloy with both faces then precision ground 100% parallel to one another. Our design includes features enabling alignment to the action by indexing the included custom fastener to the existing 6 o'clock slot in the face of the Savage action, or the lug can be pinned by utilizing the two radial 1/16" diameter holes (some gunsmithing required for both these methods). We have designed in a radii on both of the bottom edges of the lug for when the barreled-action will be epoxy bedded into a stock.


  • Material: Ti6Al4V
  • Thickness: ~0.181" (~4.6mm)
  • Sizes: Available for both standard shank and large shank Savage barrels
  • Construction: CNC machined with both faces precision ground
  • Barrel Nut: Compatible with all known factory and aftermarket options
  • Center Pin: Optional to install, drilled and threaded for our custom M2.5 x 0.8mm T8 torx head fastener
  • Radial Pin: Optional to install, drilled for our custom 1/16" (1.58mm) splined head dowel pins
  • Weight: 0.34oz (9.6 grams) - standard shank version

Fitting Guide

Always ensure the rifle is unloaded and that the bolt has been removed prior to commencing. Minimum tools required are headspace gauges, a barrel vice and a barrel nut wrench. Our design enables the titanium lug to be fitted using three popular methods outlined below, head spacing is required after fitting regardless of which method is employed. If in doubt, we highly recommend a gunsmith undertake the work.

(1) Fitting without using either the indexing fastener or radial pins: this is the same configuration as the 2019+ Savage factory recoil lug which does not have a dimple, and our titanium lug can be installed in the same manner. This is a drop-in fit to the AccuStock and 'Accufit' stocks. Aligning the lug to the receiver can be done in a number of ways, a recoil lug alignment tool (for lugs with straight sides) is both inexpensive and straightforward.

(2) Fitting using the indexing fastener: this will require a small relief cut made measuring approximately 0.047" (1.19mm) deep x 0.087" (2.21mm) long immediately behind the recoil lug into the aluminum spine of the stock to accommodate the cap head of the (included) 2.5 x 0.8mm threaded T8 torx screw. This is a basic one minute task with a dremel tool and small grinding bit (alternatively this relief cut can be made using a vertical drill press or milling machine if either machines are available). The cap head of the included torx screw is custom made to be a snug fit into the mating slot of the Savage action, and for this reason we don't recommend using a different fastener.

(3) Fitting using the two radial pins: this is a more permanent solution designed primarily for when barrels are going to be switched often, it requires access to a vertical milling machine, additional fixtures and tooling. We include two 1/16" dowel pins with a splined retaining head on one end. These pins are designed to be cut to length to suit the depth of the corresponding holes to be drilled into the action face, or alternatively any length 1/16" diameter dowel pins can be used. The drawing for drilling these two radial pin holes is detailed on this link here.

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Tags: Savage 10, Savage 110, Savage 11, Savage 111, Savage 12, Savage 14, Savage 114, Savage 16, Savage 116, Stevens 200, Savage Ultralite

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