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Metric M6 bolt knob adapter

  • Brand: BoltKnobs.Com
  • Product Code: M6-ADAPTER
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.00

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Metric M6 bolt handle thread adapter - pack of 3

Converts bolt handles in the metric M6 x 1mm thread to accept 5/16 x 24 UNF bolt knobs

This is a pack of 3 thread adapters that have an internal metric M6 thread and an external 5/16 x 24 UNF thread to fit nearly every aftermarket bolt knob including our carbon fiber, titanium alloy and and anodized aluminum alloy models. Common with European and rimfire rifles, aftermarket knob options for the M6 x 1mm thread are limited. Our adapter is CNC machined from brass, it won't corrode and is softer than the bolt handle steel or knob that you will fit it to. If a thread locking compound is used, we don't recommend bonding the adapter to the handle, rather do so to the knob. We also manufacture our own M6 x 1.0mm bolt knob designed for the Lithgow LA101 with two cerakote color options on this link here.

The following rifles all have the M6 x 1mm thread on their bolt handles

  • Accuracy International AE
  • Accuracy International AT
  • Accuracy International ATX
  • Accuracy International AW
  • Accuracy International AXMC
  • Accuracy International AXSR
  • Beretta BRX1
  • Bergara B-14
  • Bergara BMR
  • Blaser R8
  • Blaser R93
  • Browning Maral
  • Chapuis Rols
  • CZ 455
  • CZ 457
  • CZ 550
  • CZ 557
  • Desert Tech SRS (all variants)
  • Haenel NXT
  • Lithgow LA101
  • Lithgow LA102
  • Lithgow LA105
  • Mauser M12
  • Mauser M18
  • Merkel Helix
  • Sauer 100
  • Sauer 101
  • Sauer 200 STR
  • Sig Sauer SSG 3000​

Fitting Guide

Check first that there is sufficient threaded length on the stem of the bolt handle as well as the bore of the bolt knob that you intend to fit using this adapter. If the knob's internal thread is shorter than 0.6" (15mm) in length, you will need to shorten the adapter by cutting or filing it down and then cleaning up the threads. If the threaded end of your bolt handle is longer than the threaded internal length of the knob then the only option is drill and re-tap the knob for it to fit flush once installed as modifying the adapter won't have any bearing on this. Our molded carbon fiber knobs have approximately 0.51" to 0.55" (13mm to 14mm) of internal threaded length which requires shortening the adapter a little, whereas our titanium alloy and anodized aluminum alloy knobs require no modification. Knobs from other manufacturers will vary.


Construction: CNC turned from bar stock
Material: Brass
Inside thread: M6 x 1mm (0.47" / 12mm long)
Outside thread: 5/16 x 24 UNF (0.59" / 15mm long)

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Tags: Accuracy International AE, Accuracy International AT, Accuracy International ATX, Accuracy International AW, Accuracy International AXMC, Accuracy International AXSR, Beretta BRX1, Bergara B-14, Bergara BMR, Blaser R8, Blaser R93, Browning Maral, Chapuis Rols, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 550, CZ 557, Desert Tech SRS, Haenel NXT, Lithgow LA101, Lithgow LA102, Lithgow LA105, Mauser M12, Mauser M18, Merkel Helix, Sauer 100, Sauer 101, Sauer 200 STR, Sig Sauer SSG 3000​

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