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Lithgow LA101 - cleaning rod guide (22 LR)

  • Brand: Lowey Products
  • Product Code: LOWEY-CRG-LA101-22LR
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $39.00

Lithgow LA101

Cleaning Rod Guide (22 LR)

This high quality cleaning rod guide ensures that the cleaning rod slides centrally and smoothly into the breech of the Lithgow LA101. The guide protects the breech from any damage and prevents oils and solvents from seeping into the trigger housing. The guide has a lock-in mechanism which prevents any movement whilst the barrel is being cleaned. The guide is made from molded plastic to the specific shape of the Lithgow LA101 action. The guide also serves as a chamber indicator making it clearly evident to any range officer that the bolt has been removed for storage and/or transport - a safety requirement at some shooting ranges.


  • Made in Australia from high quality polyurethane
  • Specific to Lithgow LA101 rifles chambered in 22 LR only (will not fit 17 HMR)
  • Prevents metal-on-metal wear and tear when cleaning the rifle barrel and chamber
  • If the cleaning rod guide is left in the breech, the brightly colored design makes it easy to see that the bolt has been removed
  • Resistant to all known gun lubricants and solvents
  • Embedded with UV inhibitors to minimize degradation from exposure to sunlight
  • Prevents solvents and oils from leaking into the trigger/breech when cleaning
  • With the added feature of a 'lock-in' mechanism, you will always be sure that your cleaning rod is running parallel to the breech
  • Cleaning rod guides are available in various colors (supplied randomly)
  • Supplied in various colors to allow easy identification and recognition (randomly supplied)

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