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Lithgow LA101 - trigger spring set

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: LA101-SPRING
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.00

Lithgow LA101 Trigger Spring Set

Gunsmith installation recommended

A new trigger spring set of two springs addressing both trigger pull weight and travel. These both replace the originals rated by Lithgow Arms at ~2kg (4.4 lbs). Our spring breaks cleanly and consistently with reduced creep at ~730g (1.6 lbs)* when installed correctly**. Some hand tools*** are required for the installation. These triggers aren't adjustable, the only method to safely achieve a lighter pull weight is to replace the trigger spring with a properly designed lighter and slightly longer replacement. Thorough testing is essential for a safe trigger post installation, always ensure the rifle is unloaded before commencing any work. If in doubt about any aspect of the install or methodology to ensure a safe trigger has been achieved, please take it to a gunsmith.


* Results may vary slightly between individual rifles and trigger pull gauges. Our pull weight measured using an RCBS gauge.

** We supply replacement springs only. If unsure on installation, we highly recommend having a qualified and competent gunsmith do the job. Slight variations between different rifles may result in an unsafe trigger when fitting these springs. Always ensure the rifle is unloaded before commencing work and test trigger function extensively upon reassembly. We do not provide any installation instructions for this spring kit.

*** Minimum recommended tools for installation are:

  • small nylon/brass tipped hammer
  • small pin punches of various sizes
  • metric hex-key set going down to size 1.5mm
  • small circlip pliers
  • brass scraper/pick to remove blue Dykem cross check (or similar thread marker)

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