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Lithgow LA102 - DBM for AICS Magazines (7075-T76 aerospace alloy)

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: LA102-AICS-SA
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $169.00

Available Options

Black color option is now in production, first lot will be ready from late November to December 2021. Please click "Notify Me" to receive an email alert when this first production lot is in stock.

Lithgow LA102

DBM for short-action AICS magazines, 7075-T76 grade aerospace alloy.

Our DBM for the Lithgow LA102 is a durable replacement which accepts high quality AICS pattern magazines suitable for all factory 'short action' chamberings. This DBM eliminates the last major plastic component on the factory laminate and walnut stocks that utilize the Tikka T3 / T3x pattern magazines. It also provides an exceptionally rigid platform for pillar and/or full epoxy bedding to chase accuracy improvements on these already fantastically accurate rifles. The triggerguard is and body is made from high-grade 7075-T76 which is then cerakoted to match the original color options of the metalwork from Lithgow Arms. The magazine release lever is ambidextrous and is either 4140 QPQ nitrided steel (factory black color option), or 316 stainless steel (titanium color option). All minor components including the lever roll pin and lever coil spring are made from stainless steel. Even with prolonged use in extreme environments our DBM will not fail, corrode or degrade in anyway, it is exceptionally light and instantly permits the use of a wide range of 5 and 10 round steel magazines in the AICS pattern. The Lithgow LA105 is a genuine PRS rifle right out of the box and there are some other fine chassis options for LA102 such as Southern Cross Small Arms. However for the LA102 owner not wanting to go the chassis route for their build or who are trying to keep weight to the absolute minimum, there is a very limited choice of competition stock options and AICS bottom metal. Installing our DBM into the Bolly Aviation 'UPH' carbon fiber stock results in a competition-ready / extreme long range hunting rifle without requiring bedding, inletting, or any modifications.

Stock Compatibility

  • Fits factory walnut and laminate stocks with minor inletting on each side of the magazine well
  • Drop-in fit for all Bolly Aviation (Precision Defence Industries) carbon fiber stocks.
  • Will not fit factory synthetic stocks, and not compatible with any known chassis systems.


  • High grade aerospace materials minimizing weight but maximizing durability
  • Accepts all short action AICS pattern single-feed magazines (223 / 308 / WSM types)
  • Can be used with AIAW double-feed magazines (milling of action required)
  • Design follows the lines of the original factory plastic triggerguard resulting in a seamless fit to all stocks
  • The triggerguard and body of the DBM are machined from high grade 7075-T76 aluminum alloy
  • The titanium color DBM has an ambidextrous magazine release lever machined from 316 stainless steel (bead blasted)
  • The black color DBM has an ambidextrous magazine release lever machined from 4140 steel (QPQ hardened black)
  • The titanium color DBM has Cerakote™H Series Titanium H-170 applied to the triggerguard and body
  • The black color DBM is hardcoat anodized type 3 (MIL-A-8625) for both the triggerguard and body
  • All other components are stainless steel (either 304 or 316 grades)

Fitting Guide

Our DBM follows the factory inlet 100% however due to the AICS magazines being wider, a step inside the stock needs to be ground down. This is ideally and quickly done a milling machine but is also an easy 10 minute job with a dremel-type tool or a little longer with a rasp. No special tools are needed and this area is not visible once the rifle is reassembled. Aftermarket stocks such as the Bolly Aviation options do not require any inletting. Contact us for more information.


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