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Savage - bolt lift kit (2019+ rifles)

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: SAV-BLIFT-NEW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $35.00

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Bolt lift kit - for newer production models 10, 110, 11, 111, 12, 14, 114, 16, 116 and others.

Reduces bolt lift by 25% with our 'lower power' mainspring, test results are linked here

Our 4-piece bolt lift kit for the 2019+ Savage rifles is designed as a direct replacement for the factory 3-piece striker spring assembly. We also produce a lightweight titanium BAS for 2019+ models linked here, available in 3 different finishes. Many of the newer production rifles from 2019 onwards have the striker spring assembly contained entirely between the BAS and cocking piece pin. This results in a stiffer spring rate compared to the older adjustable design due to the shorter spring length, which in turn creates a heavier bolt lift. This 2019+ Savage design consists of two mainsprings with a wire ring in-between to account for the radial movement required for opening (cocking) the bolt assembly. Our solution operates within these design parameters but offers the following benefits:

  • Instead of 1 spring isolator made from wire, we include 2 spring isolators which significantly reduces both friction coefficient and bolt lift (by 25% or greater)
  • Our spring isolators are made from acetal bar stock containing 20% PTFE fibers which results in less galling and a much smoother bolt lift
  • We include two different weights for mainspring #1 which enables you to tailor the ideal spring weight required to detonate the primers used in your preferred ammunition
  • Our striker springs are coiled from high quality music wire which offers very good fatigue resistance
  • We include multiple spares of mainspring #1 for when they require replacing after exceeding their elastic limit


  • 3 x 'standard' striker mainspring #1 (gold color)
  • 3 x '10% lower power' striker mainspring #1 (silver color)
  • 1 x striker mainspring #2
  • 2 x delrin 500 spring isolators


  • The striker springs are coiled from a high quality music wire steel then zinc plated
  • The spring isolators are CNC turned from DELRIN® 500AF barstock (acetal with 20% PTFE fibers)


This is a relatively straightforward part to fit. We recommend clamping the bolt in a bench vise (using either soft-jaws or an aluminum v-block) with the BAS facing upwards, de-cocking the striker pin and then unscrewing the BAS which on most 2019+ models will be by using a 14" hex key. Take care with this last step as the BAS will still be under spring pressure. We have included in the image gallery a series of exploded diagrams of the 2019+ Savage bolt assembly showing all these components and how they fit together. Reassembly is done by replacing the old 3-piece components with our 4-piece kit and following the above steps in reverse. We recommend re-cocking the striker pin by removing the assembled bolt from the vise and holding the cocking piece pin against the top edge of the vice and firmly pulling the bolt downwards and twisting until the cocking piece pin cams into location.

Prolonging the life of the mainsprings

We have measured the whole striker spring assembly on the 2019+ Savage rifles as just shy of 3/4" (19mm) when the bolt is cocked. We recommend when not in use, the bolt should be kept uncocked, either by inserting it into the receiver and dry firing (after first checking that the rifle is unloaded), or by using a bolt protector which de-cocks the bolt when stored. This will minimize stress placed on the striker mainsprings and prolong their lifetime.

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Tags: Savage 10, Savage 110, Savage 11, Savage 111, Savage 12, Savage 14, Savage 114, Savage 16, Savage 116

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