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Savage - titanium bolt handle (Right Hand)

  • Brand: BoltKnobs.Com
  • Product Code: SAVHANDLE-RH-TI
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $55.00

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Savage Centerfire - for right-handed actions

For Savage models 10, 110, 11, 111, 12, 14, 114, 16, 116, 212, 220 and the Stevens 200

Fits both 'round back' and the older 'flat back' actions.

(Also available in left-handed models)

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA - see our website

A fully CNC machined and EDM wire cut bolt handle for Savage Centerfire models. Made from the best grade 5 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) - no other rifle benefits more in weight savings by replacing the original factory handle. Our titanium versions combined with our knobs can be over 70% lighter without making any compromises on strength, finish or quality - see the comprehensive breakdown of weights in the section below or visit this link. Available in two options, either as-machined (silver/grey color) or with a tough DLC black coating (gloss black). We are producing carbon fiber knobs, titanium alloy knobs and hard-anodized alloy knobs (from high grade 7075-T76). If you want to use a different knob from elsewhere, the threads of the handle are 5/16"x24 TPI and the threaded length to the shoulder 0.5" (12.7mm). When combined with our titanium bolt bodies and titanium BAS (2019+ models) or titanium bolt lift kits (pre-2019 models), substantial savings in weight can be achieved - see the comparison pictured in the image gallery.


The table linked here contains a comprehensive set of weights for all possible combinations of our Savage handles and knobs that fit them. This is ranked from the lightest to the heaviest combination, and weight savings are displayed against the OEM handle that came originally fitted to your rifle ('Standard' or 'Tactical') which enables you to calculate the overall weight savings for your particular setup. If in doubt about which handle you intend to purchase, please click on the linked weights to see an image of this combination.


The image link here provides the lengths of all our bolt knob options fitted to our titanium handle, and then compares these to the two factory Savage handles which may have been originally fitted to your rifle. Length is measured from the center line of the bolt body.

Some fitting may be required

With so many models and sub models of different vintages including more recently available aftermarket bolt-bodies, we have found that the dimensions between individual Savage rifles can vary. All our Savage handles are machined as a 'tight fit' only as indicated by the last diagram in the image gallery. Some modification to these dimensions may be required when fitting depending on the tab measurements of your rifle's bolt body. To determine whether your bolt will fit our handle without modification, measure the two tabs at the end of your bolt body marked by the arrows in this photo using vernier calipers. Anything equal to or below 0.244" (or 6.22mm) will fit. If it is over, the handle needs to be slightly enlarged (hand filing) to fit. Be aware we manufacture the handles with a very durable stem diameter of 0.447" (11.35mm) and there is no scallop like that of the factory Savage handles to accommodate clearance required for rifle scopes which may be sitting in low rings or otherwise have larger diameter oculars / scope tubes. The handles cannot be bent and we recommend installing higher rings and/or bases to remedy any clearance issues.

Fitting Guide

The handles are secured to the rear of the bolt body by a Bolt Attachment Screw ('BAS') - fixed using a 1/4" hex head. Firmly secure your bolt in a well-padded vise. The existing handle can be removed from the bolt body by turning this screw counter-clockwise. Once removed, the titanium handle will slot into place. If your bolt body dimensions are larger than usual, some trimming of our collar will be required (as detailed above) - a small fine file is best for this purpose. Apply a small amount of quality bolt grease to any surface modified along with the threads before reassembly.

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Tags: Savage 10, Savage 110, Savage 11, Savage 111, Savage 12, Savage 14, Savage 114, Savage 16, Savage 116, Stevens 200, Savage 212, Savage 220, Savage Ultralight

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