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Tikka T1x - bolt shroud (Faceted)

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: T1X-SHROUD-FACETED
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $39.00

First production run commenced (September 2023). Click the 'notify me' button to sign up for an email alert for when this is available on the webstore.

Tikka T1x

Bolt Shroud (faceted)

Our faceted shroud replaces the original plastic factory shroud on the Tikka T1x. At 0.55oz (15.5g), it is a lightweight, high strength replacement which is significantly harder and stronger than other aftermarket shrouds made from 6061 grade alloy. We machine the internals to tight tolerances which is instantly apparent by the lack of slop once fitted. This is not just a decorative part, the shroud is designed to protect the shooter's face in the rare event of a cartridge rupture or failure, where hot gas and powder debris can travel back through the bolt body via the firing pin hole.  We manufacture these in significantly large enough volumes to keep the price as competitive as possible given the materials, finishing and tolerances involved.


  • All shrouds have replacement retaining pins included as spare parts
  • Designed to be installed with the factory original cocking indicator (replacement not included)
  • Fits both right-handed and left-handed rifles
  • Fits all calibers including the factory chamberings of 22LR and 17HMR


  • CNC machined from high grade 7075-T76 aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Hard coat anodized, suitable for fitment to blued rifles (matte finish)
  • Retaining pin is made from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Weight = 0.55oz (15.5g)
  • Tapered design with all outside surfaces faceted

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