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Tikka T1x DBM

  • $99.00

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Tikka T1x

DBM for factory magazines - Titanium and 7075-T76 alloy

Finally - a high quality bottom metal replacement for the original plastic version at a very competitive price. Fully CNC-machined from a mix of high-grade titanium and aluminum alloys with absolutely no cheap 6000 series aluminum alloy used anywhere. The development of this bottom metal replaces the last chunk of plastic that comes with the factory rifle. This results in a very strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant product - providing the perfect bedding platform for your T1x rifle (bedding pillars and hex-head action screws included).


  • Very light - weighs under 3.11oz (88.2g)
  • The body of DBM is machined from high grade 7075-T76 aluminum alloy
  • The trigger guard is machined from aerospace Ti6Al4V titanium alloy
  • Accepts all T1x magazines
  • PVD finished Ti triggerguard
  • Milspec type 3 hard coat anodized body
  • The trigger guard is fully replaceable and serviceable
  • Includes bedding pillars and non-tapered hex head screws (both 316 stainless)
  • Arctic triggerguard design also available, see here

Stock Compatibility

  • The factory walnut stocks ('Hunter') will in most cases drop-in and require either no fitting or very minor fitting.
  • The factory synthetic stocks ('MTR') are not usually a drop-in fit due to the poor tolerances involved with the molding process employed to manufacture these stocks. The bottom metal will generally press in by hand however some force may be required and in some cases the DBM will need to be tapped in using a nylon block and nylon-tipped hammer. More details in the fitting guide section below and the PDF linked at the top right of this page.
  • The factory fiberglass ('UPR') stocks have a different inlet pattern for the bottom metal. Our bottom metal will fit the UPR stock however there will be gaps on either side, which are cosmetic not functional.

Fitting Guide

Installing this Tikka T1x DBM follows the same process as the T3 / T3x DBM. Our Tikka T3 / T3x fitting guide is available to download in PDF format (with step-by-step photos) at the top of this page in the section above the price.
  1. Our DBM is 100% identical to the factory inlet, we measured a number of OEM synthetic DBMs to determine the correct inlet profile. Don't rely on your particular stock being exactly within tolerances correct, particularly if you have an OEM synthetic stocked rifle which may require up to 1mm of material remove from the inside surface adjacent to the magazine well (see image in the gallery of this surface marked by red arrows, it is the step inside of the stock only - not the inlet for the DBM).
  2. Our DBM does not require any modification to the stock aside from drilling the action screw holes out to 10mm to fit the pillars (if applicable). We recommend using a 9.9mm drill bit to begin with.
  3. In almost all cases our DBM be a 'drop in' fit for the OEM Hunter stocks.
  4. The OEM synthetic stocks (MTR) have poor tolerances due to shrinkage after molding. When fitted to these stocks, the DBM in most cases will need to be gently tapped into the inlet (see also #1).
  5. It doesn't take long to fit this DBM and have it functioning reliably. Contact us us first if you are having difficulty - we do not recommend making any modifications to your stock inlet, magazines or DBM!

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