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Tikka T3 / T3x - DBM for AICS Magazines (CTR inlet)

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: T3-AICSCTR-DBM
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $75.00

Available Options

This is a new product currently being field tested. We expect to do a first production run in mid 2023. Click the 'notify me' button to sign up for an email alert for when our first production run is available on the webstore.

Tikka T3 / T3x

DBM for short-action AICS magazines using the factory 'CTR' inlet

We initially started out designing a replacement magazine well and magazine lever for owners of the 'CTR' (Compact Tactical Rifle) and other Tikka T3 / T3x variants that utilize this same bottom metal (this includes the 'Arctic', 'Wild Boar' and 'UPR'). This enables customers owning the Tikka CTR to economically swap a couple of components but still retain the factory CTR triggerguard, allowing a seamless switch to AICS magazines (223 / 308 / WSM). We later decided to produce our own version of the triggerguard so owners of any Tikka T3 or T3x model looking at upgrading their stocks (with a CTR bottom metal inlet) could easily fit a high quality DBM and use AICS magazines. AICS magazines have a number of advantages over the CTR magazines. These include allowing a longer COAL, lower price for comparable quality, and being available from more manufacturers. We have a number of options for this DBM that cater to almost all configurations. Machined from 7075-T76 aerospace alloy then hardcoat type 3 anodized, this DBM is significantly harder and stronger than other DBMs machined from 6000 series alloy however they are priced very competitively.


  • 'Standard - complete unit' weighs 5.65oz (160g)
  • 'Barricade Stop - complete unit' weighs 6.17oz (175g)
  • Individual components available separately allowing for a very cost effective conversion
  • Accepts all short action AICS pattern magazines (223 / 308 / WSM types)
  • Ambidextrous fit to both right-handed and left-handed rifles
  • Triggerguard is scalloped for better access to magazines lever
  • All edges chamfered or filleted to eliminate sharp edges everywhere
  • Includes bedding pillars and action screws
  • Includes spare parts (lever pins, lever springs and magwell retaining screw)


  • The magazine well and triggerguard are CNC machined from high quality 7075-T76 aerospace alloy then hardcoat anodized (black)
  • The magazine lever is CNC machined from 17-4 stainless steel then DLC coated (black)
  • The pillars and action screws are included and are made from 316 stainless steel
  • All other minor components are stainless steel.

Option Compatibility

  • 'Standard magwell & lever' requires an existing CTR factory bottom metal as no triggerguard is included
  • 'Barricade stop magwell & lever' requires an existing CTR factory bottom metal as no triggerguard is included
  • 'Standard - complete unit' will fit any Tikka T3 or T3x, this comes with our triggerguard
  • 'Barricade stop - complete unit' will fit any Tikka T3 or T3x, this comes with our triggerguard

Fitting Guide

This product comes disassembled as we manufacture a number of different components to suit customer-specific configurations. Please note the following and contact us before modifying anything if the below is not clear:

  1. Modification to seating depth of the bottom metal will be will required to fit the factory synthetic CTR stocks in many cases and we highly recommend the use of pillars with these stocks as tolerances vary requiring in many instances grinding material to sit the bottom metal at the correct depth to ensure spacing between the bottom metal and action is correct. A loose or rattly magazine will indicate your individual stock has excessive tolerances. No modification to the inlet outline will be required though.
  2. The bottom metal will be a drop-in' fit to the better aftermarket stocks with the CTR inlet where milling is done to much tighter tolerances. Pillar installation requires fitting but is an optional step and not necessary with many aftermarket stocks utilizing alternative bedding option. The following stock makers offering this inlet include:



Country of Origin

Bell and Carlson Fiberglass USA
Bolly Aviation (PDI) Carbon Fiber Australia
Boyds Laminate and Wood USA
GGS Laminate Germany
Grayboe Fiberglass USA
GRS Laminte and Synthetic Norway
Hardy Carbon Fiber New Zealand
Iota Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass USA
Manners Laminate and Carbon Fiber USA
McMillan Laminate and Carbon Fiber USA
Mesa Carbon Fiber USA
PSE Carbon Fiber Ireland

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