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Tikka and Sako - trigger housing springs

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: T3-TRIGHOUS-SPRNG
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.00

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Tikka 558, 658, 590, 690, 595, 695, T3 and T3x

Sako 491, 591, 691, 75, 85, L461, L579, and L61R

External trigger housing springs

This is a high quality replacement spring kit for your Tikka and Sako trigger housing assembly (external springs). This kit is useful to have on hand due to damaged or missing components and replacements can be difficult to obtain. The safety lever spring can be misplaced during cleaning and maintenance, and fits all the Sako and Tikka models listed. The magazine retention spring fits only the Tikka T3 and T3x, it places tension onto the rear spine of the factory pattern magazines. Both springs are essential for safe function and we include two of each to ensure you have spares, and we sell them as a set of 4 springs in total for the price that a single safety lever spring costs elsewhere.


  • 2 x safety lever springs (fits all Tikka and Sako models listed)
  • 2 x magazine retention springs (fits Tikka T3 and T3x only)


Both springs are fabricated from spring grade stainless steel.

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