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Tikka T3 - titanium bolt stop

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: T3-BOLTSTOP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $40.00

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Tikka T3

Titanium bolt release assembly ('bolt stop')

Available in either a highly durable black coating (DLC) or a titanium grey color (glass bead blasted)


  • Designed for the Tikka T3 only (modification may be required to fit to the T3x)
  • CNC machined from grade 5 aerospace titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)
  • Tactile serrations milled in at tip for grip in all weather conditions
  • Replaces the original, sloppy fitting, cast steel unit with a much tighter fit version
  • Enables re barreling of rifles to different length cartridges
  • Short, Long and Magnum lengths available
  • Very light, strong and corrosion resistant
  • Less than half the price of the factory original from Brownells
  • Includes a new dowel pin (stainless)
  • Includes new springs (stainless for short & long, zinc plated spring steel for magnum)


Note: The following lengths are defined below based on Tikka's OEM chambering list. For 'short' and 'long' the next longer size up will allow bullets to be seated further out (if your magazine OAL and magazine feedlips permit it):

Short Long Magnum
222 REM 22-250 REM 6.5x55 SE
223 REM 243 WIN 270 WIN
  260 REM 30'06 SPRG
  6.5 PRC 7mm RM
  270 WSM 7x64
  7mm-08 REM 300 WM
  308 WIN 8x57 IS
    338 WM

Fitting Guide

This part is designed for the Tikka T3 only and is not a guaranteed 'drop in' fit . Our CNC machined titanium bolt stops are slightly longer and a substantially tighter fit than the mass produced factory casting for a secure 'no gap, no wobble' fit to the T3 action for which they were designed. The bolt stops can fit the newer Tikka T3x models although in many cases the bolt stop will be a tight fit and modification will be required as the T3x has a slightly smaller slot machined into the action to accommodate the bolt stop. This modification involves very slightly enlarging the center hole (dowel pin hole) of the bolt stop by drilling it using a #40 drill bit (0.098" / 2.489mm). These bits are only a couple of dollars online or at a hardware shop. The alternative is to remove a minor amount of material from the front edge of the bolt stop which can 'stick' in the slot of the T3x. We have noticed that Tikka moved from a round hole with the T3 to an oval hole for the T3x which allows minor movement back and forth. In many cases our bolt stops will fit the first time without any drilling required. Enlarging the hole does not impact the bolt stop's function in any way.

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