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Lithgow LA101 - titanium bolt shroud

  • Brand: Lumley Arms
  • Product Code: LA101-SHROUD
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $49.00

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Lithgow LA101

Titanium bolt shroud

This replaces the original plastic bolt shroud. Our version is CNC machined from aerospace-grade titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and skeletonized to reduce any excess weight. The bolt shroud is supplied with a hex-drive button-head retaining screw (also grade 5 titanium). The original design features of the factory shroud are largely retained including the rear cutout for the cocking indicator. The bolt shrouds are either glass blasted to match the original factory rifles cerakoted in 'titanium' colour, or glass bead blasted then cerakoted 'armor black'.


Material: Grade 5 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)

Construction: CNC turned from bar stock

Finish (titanium): Glass bead blasted only to match Cerakote of the rifle (Titanium H-170Q)

Finish (black): Glass bead blasted then Cerakote armor black H-190-Q applied (same as the rifle)

Inclusions: Button head retaining screw and optional anti-rattle shim (both grade 5 titanium alloy - Ti6Al4V)

Fitting Guide

Our titanium shroud is machined to be a tight fit and is not flexible like the OEM plastic shroud is. On the current production lot we have factored in a small tolerance (0.25mm / ~10 thou) to allow back and forth movement between the bolt body and the shroud which accommodates slight dimensional differences between individual rifles. We include an optional anti-rattle titanium shim for hunting / stalking use that removes this 0.25mm tolerance and is installed between the cocking indicator piece and the inside surface of the shroud (alternatively a small dab of higher viscosity grease can be applied to the inside base of the shroud to achieve the same outcome). For future production lots we will remove this tolerance and installation will require the retaining screw to be fastened tightly then backed off somewhere between one quarter to one half turn depending on the tolerances specific to your individual rifle. Purple or blue loctite applied to the threads of this screw is optional but not needed, it will not come loose once installed in the manner outlined above.


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